17 december 2010

The 7th Christmas Collection

Yes, I know... there must be a trillion versions of 'Last Christmas'. But this one by The Puppini Sisters is kind of cute and sweet. It sounds as if it was recorded during the Second World War - although that's impossible. Another George Michael Christmas song is 'December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas)'.
Very nostalgic and typically Dutch is 'Kerstaquarel' ("Christmas water colour') and the traditional 'Hoe leit dit Kindeke' is played by one of the biggest instrumentalists Belgium has ever known.
Especially nice are the Christmas songs by  Ramsey Lewis, Funk Machine and The Temptations. But do listen to 'Christmas Box' by T.Rex also.

And next friday there will be another Xmas comp. In the meanwhile do enjoy this music, and have a nice weekend.

V.A. - The 7th Christmas Collection (a BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. Last Christmas - The Puppini Sisters / 4:58
02. Blue Christmas - Miles Davis / 2:41
03. Jingle Bells - Oscar Peterson / 3:14
04. Here Comes Santa Claus - Ramsey Lewis / 2:41
05. Soul Santa - Funk Machine / 3:19
06. Give Love on Christmas Day - The Temptations / 3:38
07. World Christmas - R. Kelly / 4:02
08. December Song (I Dreamed Of Christmas) - George Michael / 3:39
09. Christmas Time Again - Shakatak / 4:37
10. Hoe leit dit Kindeke - Francis Goya / 3:56
11. Kerstaquarel - Herberg De Troost / 4:42
12. Christmas Jazz - Trans-Siberian Orchestra / 2:16
13. Merry Christmas - Chuck Berry / 3:13
14. Christmas On  - Squeeze / 3:44
16. Christmas Box - T.Rex / 3:38

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At zaterdag, 18 december, 2010, Anonymous Chrysant said...

Nice, thnx! Vanmiddag op de radio de "Last Christmas" versie gedraaid van de Duitse band Erdmöbel ... ook leuk!

At zaterdag, 18 december, 2010, Blogger a r n e l said...

De versie van Erdmoebel vind ik een beetje onbeholpen knullig, Chrysant. :-)
Maar dat "op de radio ... gedraaid" moet je mij eens uitleggen.


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