18 september 2009

The 4th Best of World, another ethnic BoBW compilation

The opening song of this fourth world compilation discribes exactly the mood of a small Dutch town on a sunday morning, and what the local brass band does (besides drinking their beer)... But the two following songs have something to do with brass bands as well, each in their own typical way.
This collection of songs takes you once again all over the world, and brings you a lot of different flavours: Italian reggae by Loredana Berte, French zouk by Kassav, Nigerian juju by King Sunny Ade and even American opera by the Houston Grand Opera Choir.
And from the USA comes one of my all time favorite songs: the haunting Jezebel Spirit by Brian Eno & David Byrne.

Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Best of ...World, vol. 4 (An ethnic BoBW compilation)
01. Blaosmuziek - Gé Reinders (The Netherlands) / 3:34
02. Floral Dance (from OST "Brassed off") - Grimethorpe Colliery Band (United Kingdom) / 3:03
03. It's All Over Now (with Dr. John) - Dirty Dozen Brass Band (USA) / 5:00
04. Aunt Dinah Has Blowed The Horn - Houston Grand Opera Choir (USA) / 4:16
05. Le soleil de ma vie - Sawt el Atlas (Morocco / France) / 4:07
06. E La Luna Busso - Loredana Berte (Italy) / 4:02
07. A Funny Little Feeling - DAAU (Belgium) / 3:54
08. Hopkinson's Favourite [Instrumental] - Bellowhead (United Kingdom) / 3:56
09. Ja Funmi - King Sunny Ade & His African Beats (Nigeria) / 7:09
10. Kolé Seré - Kassav (Haiti / France) / 4:20
11. Heart's A Mess - Gotye (Australia / Belgium) / 6:06
12. Nantes - Beirut (USA) / 3:50
13. Gula Gula - Mari Boine (Norway) / 4:43
14. Song of the Stars - Dead Can Dance (United Kingdom) / 10:12
15. The Jezebel Spirit - Brian Eno & David Byrne (USA) / 4:53
16. Timeless Land (W.A. Remix) - Yothu Yindi (Australia) / 9:23

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