06 juni 2008

Best of World, the second ethnic compilation

While almost the whole of Europe is practising their national anthems this week, because of the European Football Championship, I'ld like to share some songs from a lot of different countries.
From Europe comes Jovanotti (Italy), Rowwen Heze (The Netherlands) and Natasha Atlas. Three songs have their roots in France: Le Tribu De Dana (by Manau), King Kong Five (Mano Negra) and Acabar Mal (Sergent Garcia). The Belgian song "7 Steken" by Laïs talks about a man who kills his pregnant girlfriend with seven stabs of a knife. (What is it, with these Belgians and their morbid reputation?)
And off course I couldn't leave South-America and Africa out, on a world compilation...

Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Best of ...World (The second ethnic compilation)
01. Complainte Pour Ste.-Catherine - Kate & Anna McGarrigle (Canada) 2:48
02. 7 Steken - Laïs (Belqium) 3:01
03. Homeless - Ladysmith Black Mambazo (South Africa) 3:55
04. Alane - Wes (Cameroon) 3:39
05. Madan Exotic Disco - Salif Keita (Mali) 3:13
06. Wild dance - Ruslana Lyzhicko (Ukraine) 3:02
07. BBBeat - Balkan Beat Box (Israël / USA) 4:00
08. Le Tribu De Dana - Manau (France) 3:51
09. Serenada Rap - Jovanotti (Italy) 4:26
10. Yalla Chant (2005 edit) - Natasha Atlas (Belgium / Egypt / UK) 3:05
11. Beloved - Anoushka Shankar (United Kingdom / India) 4:24
12. A Sua (K2 Mix) - Marisa Monte (Brazil) 3:29
13. Brigadier Sabari - Alpha Blondy (Côte d'Ivoire) 4:41
14. King Kong Five - Mano Negra (France) 1:57
15. Acabar Mal - Sergent Garcia (France) 6:39
16. Limburg - Rowwen Heze (The Netherlands) 3:10

Did you happen to miss the first ethnic compilation? Go here.

...and if you tell me in a comment what you think about it, more world samplers might follow.

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