15 mei 2008

You can Count on Basie

William Basie (Red Bank (New Jersey), 21 augustus 1904 – Hollywood, 26 april 1984) was een jazzpianist, organist, bandleider en zelfbenoemd "Count of Jazz".

Na optredens in night clubs trad Basie als pianist toe tot het sextet van Fats Waller. Vanaf 1926 speelde hij in Kansas City en werd twee jaar later lid van de Blue Devils van Walter Page, om vervolgens pianist te worden bij de Bennie Moten Band in Kansas City, Missouri.
Na Motens dood in 1935 werd Basie bandleider en begon hij zich "Count Basie" te noemen. Tegen het einde van 1936 verhuisde hij met de band naar New York, waar het Count Basie Orchestra tot 1950 bleef. Het einde van de populariteit van de big band kwam in zicht, maar Basie vormde in 1952 een zestienkoppig orkest en bleef dat tot zijn dood leiden. Basie bleef trouw aan de Kansas City-jazzstijl (deze jazzstijl vormde de overgang van de gestructureerde bigbandstijl naar de improvisatiestijl bebop).
Het is merkwaardig hoe Count Basie bijna 50 jaar lang ontzettend populair bleef met dezelfde muziek. Alleen Duke Ellington evenaarde deze prestatie.

Tot zijn bekendste nummers horen One O'Clock Jump and Jumpin' at the Woodside. Basie's grootste hit was het a-typische Open the Door, Richard.

Count Basie & His Orchestra - Basic Basie
01 - Idaho.mp3
02 - Blues In My Heart.mp3
03 - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You.mp3
04 - Red Roses For A Blue Lady.mp3
05 - Moonglow.mp3
06 - Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me.mp3
07 - M - Squad.mp3
08 - Sweet Lorraine.mp3
09 - Ain't Misbehavin'.mp3
10 - Don't Worry 'Bout Me.mp3
11 - As Long As I Live.mp3
12 - I've Got The World On A String.mp3
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Count Basie - Compact Jazz

01 Shiny Stockings.mp3 - 9.7M
02 Down For The Coun..> - 11.0M
03 Corner Pocket.mp3 - 9.7M
04 Blues Backstage.mp3 - 8.4M
05 April In Paris.mp3 - 7.1M
06 One O'Clock Jump.mp3 - 8.3M
07 I'm Shouting Agai..> - 7.0M
08 Count 'Em.mp3 - 9.9M
09 Nasty Magnus.mp3 - 11.2M
10 St. Louis Blues.mp3 - 10.0M
11 All Of Me.mp3 - 4.5M
12 Doodle Oodle.mp3 - 6.0M
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Count Basie - One O'Clock Jump

Count Basie - Plays The Blues
01. Li'l Ol' Groovemaker.mp3 - 3.9M
02. Two For The Blues.mp3 - 3.9M
03. Eee Dee.mp3 - 4.3M
04. The Long Night.mp3 -3 5.2M
05. Blee Blop Blues.mp3 -3 3.4M
06. Sent For You Yesterday.mp3 - 4.5M
07. Slow But Sure.mp3 - 5.2M
08. Magic.mp3 - 4.3M
09. Blues Inside Out.mp3 - 9.1M
10. Cherry Point.mp3 - 4.7M
11. Stompin' And Jumpin'.mp3 - 3.8M
12. Paradise Squat (Take 2)__error_part_9.mp3 - 1.0M
15. Rails.mp3 -3 8.2M
16. Blues For The Count And Oscar.mp3 - 4.3M
17. Sure Thing.mp3 - 4.2M
18. The Midgets.mp3 - 4.4M
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Count Basie - The Best of Early Basie
01 Honeysuckle Rose.mp3 - 3.4M
02 Roseland Shuffle.mp3 - 2.9M
03 Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong).mp3 - 3.3M
04 One O'Clock Jump.mp3 - 3.5M
05 John's Idea.mp3 - 3.4M
06 Good Morning Blues.mp3 - 3.7M
07 Topsy.mp3 - 3.6M
08 Out The Window.mp3 - 3.2M
09 Don't You Miss Your Baby_.mp3 - 3.6M
10 Blues In The Dark.mp3 - 3.5M
11 Sent For You Yesterday.mp3 - 3.4M
12 Every Tub.mp3 - 3.8M
13 Swingin' The Blues.mp3 - 3.2M
14 Blue And Sentimental.mp3 - 3.7M
15 Doggin' Around.mp3 - 3.4M
16 Texas Shuffle.mp3 - 3.6M
17 Jumpin' At The Woodside.mp3 - 3.5M
18 Shorty George.mp3 - 3.2M
19 Panassie Stomp.mp3 - 3.2M
20 Jive At Five.mp3 - 3.3M
21 Oh, Lady Be Good.mp3 - 3.6M
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Count Basie - The Complete Decca Recordings (1992)
Honeysuckle Rose
Pennies From Heaven
Swinging At The Daisy Chain
Roseland Shuffle
Exactly Like You
Boo Hoo
The Glory Of Love
Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong)
Smarty (You Know It All)
One O'Clock Jump
Listen My Children And You Shall Hear
John's Idea
Good Morning Blues-1st Take
Our Love Was Meant To Be
Time Out
I Keep Remembering
Out The Window
Don't Miss Your Baby
Let Me Dream
Blues In The Dark
Sent For You Yesterday
Every Tub
Now Will You Be Good
Swingin' The Blues
Mama Don't Want No Peas 'N' Rice 'N' Coconut Oil
Blue And Sentimental
Doggin' Around
Stop Beatin' Round The Mulberry Bush-1st Take
London Bridge Is Falling Down
Texas Shuffle
Jumpin' At The Woodside
How Long Blues
The Dirty Dozen
Hey Lawdy Mama
The Fives
Dark Rapture
Shorty George
The Blues I Like To Hear
Do You Wanna Jump, Children?
Panassie Stomp
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Sing For Your Supper
Oh! Red
Fare Thee Honey, Fare Thee Well-1st Take
Dupree Blues
When The Sun Goes Down-1st Take
Red Wagon
You Can Depend On Me
Cherokee-Part 1
Blame It On My Last Affair-1st Take
Jive At Five
Evil Blues
Oh Lady Be Good
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