19 oktober 2007

Best of ...World, the ethnic compilation

As you (should) know, the BoBW compilations are about jazz, funk and dance music. This time though the sixteen songs are from all around the world. But don't start thinking ethnic music is some weird kind of noise produced by a lonely shepherd in the hills of Corsica. Nor is it the result of some abandoned aboriginals in the outback of Australia, or the atonal yodelling of a forgotten tribe on the icy planes in Mongolia...
Although there's nothing wrong with that, this compilation focusses on modern music from contemporary artists, originating from very different places of our planet, and you might not know some of them. Give 'm a try.
I'm particularly fond of "Araba", the urban Turkish track by Mustafa Sandal, and "Yeke Yeke", the highly danceable pan-European hit by Mory Kante, the Griot singer from Guinea.
The Belgian contribution "Grito Grande" is by a multicultural collective (Think of One) based in the city of Antwerp. And the entry from Holland ("Ramaganana ") dates from 2003, and is sung by three typical blond Dutch girls in a made up language, but it sure does sound exotic...

Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Best of ...World (the Ethnic compilation)
01. Sambloera Mayi Son - Khadja Nin / 4:44 (Burundi)
02. Aicha - Khaled / 4:06 (Algeria)
03. Don't wake me up (Spring Mix) - Claude Chalhoub / 3:56 (Libanon)
04. Araba - Mustafa Sandal / 4:42 (Turkey)
05. Husan (radio edit) - Bhangra Knights / 2:49 (Netherlands, UK, India)
06. Yeke Yeke - Mory Kante / 3:58 (Guinea)
07. Le Rai c'est Chic (Alex Lopes mix) - Cheb Mami / 5:09 (Algeria)
08. Wedding - Cocek - Goran Bregovic / 3:33 (Yugoslavia)
09. Dudu - Tarkan / 4:39 (Germany / Turkey)
10. Im Nin'Alu - Ofra Haza / 3:17 (Israel)
11. Everyway that I can - Sertab Erener / 2:52 (Turkey)
12. Tu Romnie - Fanfare Ciocarlia / 3:36 (Romania)
13. Grito Grande - Think of One / 4:19 (Belgium)
14. Voila L'été - Les Negresses Vertes / 4:03 (France)
15. Wonderlust King - Gogol Bordello / 3:58 (USA)
16. Ramaganana - Treble / 3:01 (The Netherlands)

...and if you tell me in a comment what you think about it, more world samplers might follow.

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