30 september 2007

Who are you? And why?

On this very day, this music blog exists two years. Over a million people visited this place since, and that means there were three million pageviews
(this weeks results!)

When I started, in my wildest dreams I never could've predicted that so many people would share my musical taste...

From another point of view: I get more than 2500 visits a day. And some 1440 of you comes daily.

But... poll results tell me that half of you is here without a goal.
What do I mean? Let me share some more results with you...
(only the top answers on the polls).

Where does the majority of the visitors to this blog come from?
1. The Netherlands: 14.6%
2. The US of A: 14.0%
3. Germany: 9,8%
4. Belgium: 8,8%
5. United Kingdom: 6.8%
> Only 24,4% of all visitors speaks Dutch. So more than three quarter of you doesn't care about what I write...

How did you learn about this blog?
Google: 47%
> So only 53% of the visitors know what they're gonna find on BoBW...

What makes you visit this blog?
Coincidence: 26%
The new posts on wednesday, thursday and friday: 23%
> That puzzles me because the best viewed days are monday and tuesday, when I provide popular updates. That means: in the beginning of the week there's twice as much pageviews as on wednesday, thursday and friday...

How would you rate this blog (out of ten)?
10/10: 43%
> That is sweet of you to say, but is it true?

How often do you use a link from this site to download?
Couple of times a week: 32%

What is your age?
Between 20 and 30: 35%
> That occurs strange, compared to your musical taste.

Most viewed pages
1. Jazzanova: 0,44%
2. Frank Zappa: 0,40%
3. Kruder & Dorfmeister: 0,39%
4. Serge Gainsbourg: 0,36%
5. Stevie Wonder: 0,36%

What kind of music do you prefer?
New releases: 24%
70's: 20%
> Isn't that a weird result if your consider the above results? You're looking for "New releases" by Frank Zappa? By Serge Gainsbourg?...

What kind of music would you like to see more on this blog?
Jazz: 29%
> Good to know. I'll keep that in mind...

What is your favorite "Jazz Funk Compilation"?
The poll learned me:
1. The Summer Lounge Compilation
2. The first one
3. Jazz Funk Compilation 10
The download results from MediaFire told me:
1. Jazz Funk Compilation 2 (more than 1600 dl's)
2. Jazz Funk Compilation 3 (more than 1200 dl's)
3. Jazz Funk Compilation 4
4. The first one (more than 1000 dl's)
5. Jazz Funk Compilation 5
6. The Summer Lounge Compilation
7. The Easter Lounge Compilation
8. The Valentine compilation (more than 800 dl's)

And I guess there's an average of two or three comments per post. That is not exactly motivating, is it? I think you have a much more pronounced opinion than that. Tell me!
Share your thoughts...

Some bunch you are.
But pleased to meet you! And thank you for visiting.



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