13 november 2009

The Autumn Sampler

Autumn... One of the most beautiful seasons. The trees, the leaves, the colours... Of course it's a cliche. But cliches became cliches because so many people liked them.
And even that's a cliche.

Whatever. This compilation unites a couple of melancholic songs, going from downtempo jazzy (Melody Gardot, Harry Connick, Dave Koz...) to uptempo swinging (Incognito, Atjazz, Pet Shop Boys...). My personal favourite is the glowfull version of "Rainy Night In Georgia" by Ray Charles.
This time their are no Belgian nor Dutch songs. You were spoiled rotten last time.

Enjoy the music and have a nice stormy weekend

V.A. - The Autumn Sampler (A BoBW compilation)
01. The Rain - Melody Gardot 3:23
02. When October Goes - Barry Manilow 4:02
03. Autumn In New York - Harry Connick, Jr. 2:50
04. Rainy Night In Georgia - Ray Charles 6:14
05. Stormy Weather - Frank Sinatra and Quincy Jones Big Band
06. Misty - Dave Koz 3:19
07. Weather Storm - Massive Attack 5:00
08. Autumn of Our Love - Spyro Gyra 5:09
09. Early Autumn - Mezzoforte 6:09
10. November Has Come - Gorillaz 2:41
11. October Song - Amy Winehouse 3:24
12. Autumn Sweater - Yo La Tengo 5:18
13. Autumn Song - Incognito 5:42
14. Autumn Tactics - Chicane 4:55
15. Heavy Weather - Atjazz 7:20
16. Samurai in Autumn - Pet Shop Boys 4:17

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