16 oktober 2009

Melancholiedjes, the Belgian and Dutch compilation

If you dont speak Dutch this comp won't mean a lot to you, but the reason why I made it is because of a request I got from Boebis from the French blog Berceuse electrique. He asked me to write a contribution for his blog, about music that is not known in the rest of the world. He invited me to write an entry about my two favorites songs sung in Dutch. One should be a recent one, the other one should be a classic.
I can assure you that's a tough job.
I've been thinking for weeks and I finally made up my mind. I won't tell you what I came up with. You can read about it as soon as Boebis has translated my text and published it. But first I've got to write it...
In the meanwhile you can listen to these 16 kind of sad songs. If there's ever a comp on this blog that gave me constantly goosebumps, it's this one.

Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Melancholiedjes (The Belgian and Dutch compilation)
01. De hoezen van Julie - De Nieuwe Snaar / 4:17
02. Peter - Neerlands hoop in bange dagen / 6:39
03. Zonde van de tijd - Eva de Roovere / 2:55
04. Mooie blouse - Kasper van Kooten / 3:43
05. Het dorp - De Vliegende Panters / 2:56
06. Lieve Jacoba - Kris Debruyne / 1:43
07. Vandaag ben ik gaan lopen - Acda & De Munnik / 3:48
08. Magie - Philippe Robrecht / 4:21
09. Hart van mijn gevoel - De Kast / 4:30
10. Wat wil je dat Ik doe? - Kommil Foo / 3:22
11. Twee meisjes - Raymond van het Groenewoud / 5:34
12. KL 204 (Als ik God was) - Peter Koelewijn / 4:44
13. Mia - Gorki / 5:31
14. Mag het licht Uit - De Dijk / 4:18
15. Mag Ik even naar je kijken - Marcel de Groot / 4:18
16. Dit is mijn huis - De Mens / 3:07

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    At dinsdag, 08 juni, 2010, Blogger L said...

    Can't wait to listen to this. I have Dutch 60s rock tunes but almost nothing else (except favorite band Bettie Serveert). And from Belgium, almost nothing. Thanks for giving this so much thought and effort.


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