09 oktober 2009

The 53rd BoBW jazz funk compilation

This weeks BoBW compilation is a jazzy one. I collected these songs somewhere in may (yes, that long ago!) and I have been listening to them quiet some times and everytime it strikes me how many jazz artists are represented on this compilation: Dexter Gordon, Kenny Barron, Maynard Ferguson and Courtney Pine. Not to mention the Belgian jazz legend Toots Thielemans.
And I keep wondering where I got Mims from.
It's like I didn't make this compilation myself... Because I can't exactly recall why I selected Trans Atlantic or One Way. They're not hugely popular, are they? I guess I'm just thrilled by their songs.
I hope you are too.

Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - In the Meantime (The 53rd BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry - Dexter Gordon / 5:24
02. Home Is Where the Hatred Is - Esther Phillips / 3:25
03. They Didn't Believe Me - Denise Jannah / 2:31
04. Only Trust Your Heart - Toots Thielemans / 5:21
0.5 In the Meantime - Kenny Barron / 5:47
06. Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson / 8:46
07. Children of the Ghetto - Courtney Pine ft. Susaye Greene / 7:02
08. Nice And Easy - Walter Beasley / 4:23
09. Stone Groove - Trans Atlantic / 5:54
10. Birdland - Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau / 4:12
11. Angel - Nils Gessinger / 4:53
12. This Is Why I'm Hot (Dirty) - Mims / 4:15
13. Sweetest Pain - Loose Ends / 5:55
14. Risin' to the top - Keni Burke / 5:13
15. Tossin And Turning - Windjammer / 6:38
16. Mr. Groove - One Way / 5:45

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