04 juni 2011

The sunny presummer sampler

The weather has been fabulous the last couple of weeks. So to me summer has begun. Therefor I made another sunny compilation with warmhearted songs like the ones by Willie Nelsson, Paul Carrack and She&Him. It gets really hot with the tracks by Osibisa, Jah Cure and Incognito.
There will be another sunny summer comp in a couple of weeks when the summer has really started but in the meanwhile you can enjoy the sun with this new BoBW comp. Tell me whether you like this presummer sampler...

Enjoy the music. And have a nice and sunny weekend..

V.A. - The sunny presummer sampler (a BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. Hey Look At The Sun - Sitti / 3:15
02. Sunny Skies - James Taylor / 2:21
03. On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Willie Nelson / 2:39
04. Sunny - Paul Carrack / 3:20
05. Sunset - Special EFX / 4:31
06. In The Sun - She & Him / 2:52
07. Als ze lacht - Yevgueni / 4:243
08. Sunshine - Rye Rye / 3:24
09. Sunset Sunrise - Grace Jones / 5:11
10. Sunshine Lady - Willie Hutch / 3:56
11. Sunshine Day - Osibisa / 5:01
12. Sunshine - Jah Cure / 3:38
13. De Zon Schijnt - Kruimeldieve / 4:47
14. Enjoy The Sun - Theophilus London / 4:48
15. Touch the Sun - Atjazz / 7:12
16. Morning Sun - Incognito / 4:34

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Tell me what you think about this comp, or about the whole blog. Your comment will be appreciated.

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At zondag, 05 juni, 2011, Anonymous Anoniem said...

Dat is lang geleden. Ik heb je jazz funk compilaties gemist.

At zondag, 05 juni, 2011, Blogger a r n e l said...

Leuk om dat te horen (bij wijze van spreken). Er komen er weer meer in de loop van de volgende weken...

At maandag, 06 juni, 2011, Anonymous Anoniem said...

hello arnel,
always great to visit your site again (havn't been at your place since i don't know when).

However, when you write:
"The weather has been fabulous the last couple of weeks"
let me remind you, that whole regions in (e.g.) Germany have not received any rain since approx. two whole months. this is not fun any more, but obviously pleases citicens and bureau-workers.
i expected to have my first holidays since 15 years, leaving my 200 sheep grazing on a green meadow. But now I cancelled this plan, the earth surface is pulverized and cracky, grasses and herbs are almost completely burned and/or starving.

I understand your lightweight-approach to this early "summer"-weather. If the Benelux states further augment their atomic power industries, we MIGHT get back our usual weathger/climate, due to diminishing CO2. Or we MIGHT have another Fukushima ("Vamos a la playa"!...)

Climate change is here.

yours: hermanthegerman


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