12 maart 2010

The 57th BoBW jazz funk compilation

Fifty seven already. I was surprised myself. But, hey, ...when I do something, I do it properly.
I still enjoy making those compilations. So as long as I like it (and you do) I'll go on.
This weeks edition has the usual Dutch and Belgian contribution: Eric Vloeimans is a Dutch jazz trumpet player who used to be Kyteman's teacher. And as he can't sing and play his trumpet at the same time, he asked Fay Lovsky to do the vocals on their own composition 'Images Of Washington'. 'De danser' is a long forgotten song by the Belgian band Biljarten na halftien. But the Sade-sound seems to be back, so I decided to put this song on comp 57.
My favorite songs on this edition are 'One evening' by Feist, 'Bosshannover' by Mo´horizons and 'Everybody Wants to Be the Boss' by Oliver Cheatham

Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Do it properly (The 57th BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. Images Of Washington  - Eric Vloeimans with Fay Lovsky / 3:31
02. Melt My Heart To Stone - Adele / 3:23
03. One evening - Feist / 3:36
04. Can You Stand The Rain - Roger Smith / 4:36
05. Window Of The Soul - Chuck Loeb / 4:05
06. A Smell of Tokyo - Universal Funk / 5:32
07. Bosshannover - Mo´horizons / 4:53
08. Crush - Richard Elliot / 3:40
09. Body Language - Jonathan Cain / 4:34
10. De danser - Biljarten na halftien / 3:16
11. Funky Weekend - The Stylistics / 3:25
12. Funk Encounter - The Constellation Orchestra / 6:39
13. Everybody Wants to Be the Boss - Oliver Cheatham / 6:43
14. Do It Properly - 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman And A Dominican / 6:14
15. Walk The Dinosaur - Was Not Was / 4:22
16. Stage Fright - Chic / 3:57

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    At woensdag, 30 juni, 2010, Anonymous Anoniem said...

    deze cd kan niet gedownload worden
    de links werken niet

    het is wel een geweldige serie

    is het mogelijk te reuploaden

    At woensdag, 30 juni, 2010, Blogger a r n e l said...

    Je doet waarschijnlijk iets niet goed.
    Deze (zes) links doen het prima.
    Net nog geprobeerd.

    Last Download : 2 minutes ago

    At woensdag, 30 juni, 2010, Anonymous Anoniem said...

    het is juist ik ben er juist ingeslaagd
    deze te downloaden

    veel dank


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