05 maart 2010

Hunkaholic 2, the second gay compilation

In march 2007 I posted the first gay compilation. It wasn't exactly the most popular comp of all. Don't tell me you were afraid to download it. You're not homofoob, are you?
I thought the music was joyous, happy, enthousiastic and uplifting. That's why there is a second gay comp now.

My favourite songs on this sampler are 'Generations of love' (by Boy George), 'Get dancin'' (by Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes) and 'Get Off' (by Foxy). The Belgian track is the pan-European hit 'Je t'adore' by Kate Ryan, and the Dutch Time Bandits contribute their 12 inch version of 'I'm Only Shooting Love'.
And to make the whole comp even more joyous, exuberant and theatrical I added some gay related movie quotes...

V.A. - Hunkaholic 2, the second gay compilation
Quote from "The Truman Show" / 0:07
01. If You Were Gay (from "Avenue Q") - Robert Lopez And Jeff Marx / 2:30
02. Cry And Be Free - Marilyn / 3:32
03. Bounce (original) - Tarkan / 3:44
Quote from "Anger Management" / 0:24
04. Generations of love (lala gone gaga mix) - Jezus Loves You ft. Boy George / 3:58
05. I'm Only Shooting Love (Extended) - Time Bandits / 7:50
06. I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) (original version) - Alicia Bridges / 3:26
Quote from "Ice Age" / 0:02
07. Get dancin' - Disco Tex & the Sex-O-Lettes (Feat. Sir Monti Rock III) / 3:54
08. The best disco in town - Ritchie Family / 3:16
09. I'm Every Woman - Chaka Kahn / 4:06
10. Get Off - Foxy / 3:37
Quote from "Pulp Fiction" / 0:04
11. I Love America (12'' Version) - Patrick Juvet / 3:48
Quote from "Absolutely Fabulous" / 0:01
12. Believe - Cher / 3:58
13. Je t'adore - Kate Ryan / 3:02
Quote from "Young Frankenstein" / 0:10
14. Ur So Gay [Explicit] - Katy Perry / 3:37
Quote from "Zoolander" / 0:19
15. Oh l'amour - Erasure / 2:58
16. Tarzan Boy - Baltimora / 3:45
Quote from "US Marshals" / 0:03

And here is..
the first gay compilation.

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    At vrijdag, 05 maart, 2010, Anonymous Anoniem said...

    How do you stand it?

    If I was homo, I'd stick a shotgun in my mouth and end it

    At zaterdag, 06 maart, 2010, Blogger a r n e l said...

    Wow. A mindblowing experience too, I guess...

    At dinsdag, 09 maart, 2010, Anonymous jazzLover said...

    dus toch.....?
    niet dat het mij wat uitmaakt hoor Arnel.

    At dinsdag, 09 maart, 2010, Blogger a r n e l said...


    ik ben niet zeker of ik je wel goed begrijp...
    Als je opmerking "Dus toch...?" een verkapte manier is om mij te laten weten dat je nu wel door hebt dat ik homo ben, dan moet ik je ontgoochelen.
    Ik ben NIET gay.
    En dat wil mijn vrouw desnoods beamen.


    Maar je "Dus toch...?" kan natuurlijk ook slaan op het feit dat je nu eindelijk gemerkt hebt dat er een link bijgekomen is bij mijn favorites...


    At donderdag, 11 maart, 2010, Blogger drapemosh said...

    This is better than any commercial release available. The quotes enhance it. Love it. And the first one is just as good. Just found your blog today through Totally Fuzzy. MORE, MORE, MORE.

    At donderdag, 11 maart, 2010, Anonymous jazzLover said...

    ......kus Arnel:)


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