20 november 2009

The 54th BoBW jazz funk compilation

There are weeks when it's not easy compiling yet another song collection for BoBW. (Because of lack of time, or lack of inspiration, or some other reason.) Therefor I have always a couple of compilations in advance.
I try picking songs from different eras. Some tracks are easy going and some are powerfull, some are old and some are more recent. And of course there's always some jazz and some funk. The collection always starts with a slow song but the pace getter faster and faster...
And more, I'ld like to mention the fact that there's always a Dutch song (this week: the long forgotten "Seperated Love" by the band Cheyenne) and a Belgian one (this week: "I Am Aware" by the fairly newcomer Lady Linn).

Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Great Day Today (The 54th BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. Mack The Knife - Dee Dee Bridgewater / 3:58
02. I'm An Errand Girl For Rhythm - Carmen McRae / 3:29
03. I Am Aware - Lady Linn (ft. Bert Ostyn) / 4:04
04. At Sundown - Muggsy Spanier / 2:36
05. Spanish flea - Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass / 2:05
06. All The Things You Are - Oscar Hammerstein / 3:09
07. Seperated Love - Cheyenne / 3:52
08. Through The Test Of Time - Patti Austin / 5:07
09. Under The Moon And Over The Sky - Angela Bofill / 5:43
10. Members Only - Bobby Blue Bland / 4:09
11. She Likes To Watch - The Rippingtons / 5:35
12. Great Day Today - Madvillain / 2:17
13. The Jazz Style - Guru / 3:40
14. Let Off A Couple - The Beatnuts / 1:43
15. Troglodytes - The Jimmy Castor Bunch / 3:38
16. Acetate Prophets - Jurassic 5 / 6:31

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