19 juni 2009

The 50th BoBW jazz funk compilation!

If I would give a garden party, and if I would be looking for a suitable soundtrac---___
Oo, just wait a minute. I AM giving a garden party and I DO have a nice soundtrack. This comp is the perfect music for your guests to enjoy.
And why do I throw a party? For different reasons: today is my birthday, sunday is my wife's birthday, it's fathers day, the summer is starting... and all in this one weekend. And I just got a new exciting job. Enough reasons to be cheerful, I guess...

All tracks on this 50th BoBW jazz funk compilation (except for the Ian Dury track) are to be found on other compilations on this blog. So that makes this jubilee edition a kind of Best of ...Best Of. But please do not consider this as the absolute best of my musical taste. It's just happy music for a garden party.

Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Reasons to be cheerful (The 50th BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. Morning Dance - Spyro Gyra / 3:57
02. Reasons to Be Cheerful, Pt. 3 - Ian Dury & the Blockheads / 4:45
03. Funkin' for Jamaica - Tom Browne / 3:30
04. Funkin' - Brian Culbertson / 5:16
05. Cinco De Mayo - War - / 4:07
06. Dance To The Blunk - Blue Blot / 3:15
07. A Love Supreme - Will Downing / 4:43
08. She's so divine - Jan Akkerman / 3:44
09. Heartache No 9 - Delegation / 6:58
10. Starlette - B.B. & Q. Band / 4:55
11. The Groove - Rodney Franklin / 4:58
12. Nightbirds - Shakatak / 4:25
13. Relight My Fire - Dan Hartman / 9:42
14. Hot Shot - Karen Young / 4:21
15. Move on up - Curtis Mayfield / 3:09
16. Garden Party [S.O.L Radio mix] - Mezzoforte / 7:11
or h**p://www.megaupload.com/?d=C817317P

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