30 januari 2009

The 44rd BoBW jazz funk compilation

It's about two months between the last regular compilation and this one. It was oh so quiet. Let me correct myself: you were oh so quiet. Hardly any comments, less visits than usual... Where were you?
Me, I didn't go away. I'm here and I bring you the 44th BoBW Compilation. As always there's a Belgian track: "A La Luce Di Paco" by the jazz band Aka Moon (to be pronounced as "Aykay Moon" and not as "A.K.A. Moon"). And the Dutch track is jazz too: "Piece" by the Marnix Busstra Trio. (Voor de Nederlanders: Marnix Busstra is de echtgenoot van Karin Bloemen.)
I get a kick out of "Just S Long As We're In Love" by the unbeatable Terry Callier and "Keep On Taking Me Higher" by the praiseworthy Commodores.

Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend...

V.A. - It's Oh So Quiet (The 44rd BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac - Dizzy Gillespie / 7:30
02. A La Luce Di Paco (Act 1) - Aka Moon / 5:01
03. Piece - Marnix Busstra Trio & Mike Mainieri / 4:40
04. Windows - Chick Corea / 3:10
05. Theme from Route 66 - Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra / 2:10
06. It's Oh So Quiet - Björk / 3:38
07. The Best Is Yet To Come - Michael Bublé / 3:05
08. Just S Long As We're In Love - Terry Callier / 3:43
09. Can't Get by Without You - The Real Thing / 3:27
10. Jesse - Mother Earth / 3:55
11. The Grave And The Constant - Fun Lovin' Criminals / 4:46
12. Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap - Gabin / 3:48
13. Deja Vu - Paulinho Da Costa / 4:32/
14. Black Is The Colour - Wilbert Longmire 3:56
15. Kidnapped - Con Funk Shun / 3:10
16. Keep On Taking Me Higher - The Commodores / 5:15

...a comment would be appreciated. Share your thoughts with me.

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At woensdag, 28 april, 2010, Anonymous Anoniem said...


ik heb je compilaties recentelijk ontdekt
ze zijn opmerkelijk tof
wel is er een probleem met deel 22 en 50
die ik niet kan downloaden
Een voorstel is iets meer vlaamse inbreng
zoals De rovere dat is verfrissend
Dank voor je werk
het wordt ten zeerste geaprecieerd


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