24 januari 2007

...a present

There haven't been any changes on this weblog in the last couple of days. Yet the number of visitors hasn't dropped dramatically. Therefor I want to express my gratitude.
This compilation is a kind of 'thank you' for visiting my weblog.

Most people know I'm quiet fond of jazz funk, crossover jazz (I refuse to call it "smooth jazz"), lounge and more danceable genres like Brasilian music, disco, funk and acid jazz...
I'm delighted you like my musical taste, and I hope you'll enjoy this selection of some of my favorite tunes...

V.A. - Best of ...Both Worlds (a jazz funk compilation)
01. Soundtrack of your life - A Girl called Eddy
02. Tyrone (live) - Erykah Badu
03. Brighter day - Ronny Jordan
04. Dance to the Blunk - Blue Blot
05. How long - Ace
06. The Anti-Gravity Love Song - Incubus
07. Tired of my tears - Susan Tedeschi
08. Relight my Fire (12") - Dan Hartman
09. She's so Divine - Jan Akkerman
10. This will be - Nathalie Cole
11. Come with me - Tania Maria
12. Poo Poo La La - Roy Ayers
13. 37 Hours in the U.S.A. - Raw Stylus
14. Funkin' for Jamaica - Tom Browne
15. Music (beautiful) - Tiefschwarz
16. Garden Party (S.O.L. radio mix) - Mezzoforte

...and if you tell me in a comment what you think about it, more samplers might follow.

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esta caido el link una lastima si lo resubis avisa... info@radiocsc.com


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