25 februari 2011

The Kiwi Comp

A long time ago a visitor of this blog (by the name of Kiwi Al) asked me to make a New Zealand comp. At that time I knew nothing about New Zealand music, except for the Finn Brothers and Fat Freddy's Drop. So I kept putting it off.
But there has never been a more appropriate time to focus the attention to New Zealand than this week, with all the things that went on in Christchurch. Although I can't even imagine how big this tragedy must be over there, my sincere sympathy goes to Christchurch people and their relatives. For all you visitors of this blog for whom New Zealand was a blind spot on the map, this is a selection of kiwi music.

Enjoy the music. And try to have a nice weekend...
(...and I hope Kiwi Al is doing alright)

V.A. - The Kiwi Comp (A BoBW Compilation)
01. Bathe In The River - Hollie Smith 4:26
02. Where I Stood - Missy Higgins 4:18
03. Listening for the Weather - Bic Runga 3:30
04. The Blind Woman - Anika Moa 4:40
05. If You Were Alien - The Brunettes 4:28
06. Weather With You - Crowded House 3:45
07. One In A Million - Shona Laing 4:01
08. Misty Frequencies - Che Fu 3:13
09. Wandering Eye - Fat Freddy's Drop 9:50
10. Love So Right - Ardijah 4:04
11. Working - Katchafire 3:36
12. Love Sunshine and Happiness - Salmonella Dub 5:20
13. Not many - Scribe 3:45
14. Believe Me - Ladi6 3:48
15. Paris Is Burning - Ladyhawke 3:49
16. You Gotta Know - Supergroove 3:37

Tell me what you think about this comp, or about the whole blog. Your comment will be appreciated.

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At vrijdag, 04 maart, 2011, Anonymous Anoniem said...

I often flick to your blog to listen to and find different artists that are often missed from the mainstream horizon. And this was a great surprise to see the compilation above. Myself and my young family are currently living through the Christchurch earthquake and have been rather anxious and on tender-hooks with the happenings over here, so to finally get internet and see your compilation and thoughts was very touching. Thank you.

At zaterdag, 12 maart, 2011, Blogger ~Al~ said...

Though I have not commented for a while, I am still an avid fan of your compilations.

I was visiting my family in New Zealand (I live in the USA) when the earthquake struck; however we were lucky enough to be quite a distance from the center. It took a couple of days for us to receive notification that extended family were OK.

It was an emotional time for the whole country, and my heart goes out to those living through it (like the previous poster).

Many thanks, Arnetl, for this show of support.


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