18 februari 2011

Just simple songs, the piano edition

If you ran away from last weeks sampler because it was to romantic or sentimental, keep running. But if you're imto dramatic and touching songs, give this comp a try.
A couple of months ago I mentioned another Simple Songs Compilation. Well. here it is. It's a collection of 16 piano songs, of which one is Dutch ("Use Somebody', the Kings of Leon cover by Laura Jansen) and one is Belgian (the breathtaking "Amsterdam" by Kris De Bruyne). The songs that give me goosebumps are "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac, "Shipbuilding" by Elvis Costello and "You were my friend" by Chi Coltrane...
Tell me what your taste in music is.

Enjoy the music. And do have a nice weekend...

V.A. - Just simple songs, the piano edition (A BoBW Compilation)
01. I think it's gonna rain today - Randy Newman / 3:02
02. Nine Crimes - Damien Rice / 3:37
03. Songbird - Fleetwood Mac / 3:21
04. Use Somebody - Laura Jansen / 3:26
05. Angel - Sarah McLachlan / 5:49
06. I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers / 5:00
07. Finally Home - Vonda Shepard / 2:13
08. Real Men - Joe Jackson / 4:04
09. A Fool for love (piano version) - Brian Ferry / 2:53
10. This Year's Love - David Gray / 4:05
11. Shipbuilding - Elvis Costello and The Attractions / 4:53
12. Amsterdam - Kris De Bruyne / 2:35
13. You were my friend - Chi Coltrane / 3:46
14. Halt mich - Herbert Grönemeyer / 3:30
15. King Of The Night - Ian Mathews / 3:49
16. Bad Day - Daniel Powter / 3:53

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Tell me what you think about this comp, or about the whole blog. Your comment will be appreciated.

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At vrijdag, 25 februari, 2011, Anonymous Anoniem said...

Hey Arnel,

Dit idee van "simple songs" is echt geweldig. Ik leer opnieuw veel nieuwe bands kennen.



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