31 december 2009

The New Year's Compilation 2010

Just try to compile a song collection about the new year without including Abba or U2. I managed to leave Abba out, but I just had to include "New Year's day". I'm not really a fan of His Holyness Bono, but I couldn't resist to the Canadian singer Garou. His version sounds more like Daniel Lanois than U2 ever did, or will do.
I smuggled in some soul and some funk, but also found some weird songs like the utterly funny "Happy New Year" by Spike Jones, the strange instrumental "2010" by Cornelius and "Nieuwjaars beef" by the Belgian rap gang ABN.
I adore Jamie Cullum's new year's resolutions ("Next Year Baby") and I love the funk vibe in "The New Year" by Jimmy Jules...

Enjoy the music, and have a wonderful new year.

V.A. - The New Year's Compilation 2010 (a BoBW jazz funk compilation)
01. This year's love - David Gray 4:05
02. What a Year for a New Year - Dan Wilson 4:06
03. New Year's day - Garou 4:03
04. Next Year Baby - Jamie Cullum 4:49
05. The Way We Celebrate New Years - Michael Franks 6:23
06. Thru The Winter - Bettye Lavette 5:49
07. The perfect year - Dina Caroll 3:45
08. Winter in America - Rene Froger 4:09
09. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - Lou Rawls 3:07
10. The New Year - Jimmy Jules & The Nuclear Soul System 3:12
11. Bonne Année - Michael Doucet 4:40
12. Bring in a brand new year - B. B. King 2:41
13. Funky New Year - The Eagles 3:47
14. Nieuwjaars beef - ABN 3:30
15. 2010 - Cornelius 2:03
16. Happy New Year - Spike Jones & The City Slickers 3:27

A comment would be appreciated. So do share your thoughts!

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