08 november 2005

Toni Braxton: no more Secrets...

Het succes van Toni Michelle Braxton (7 oktober 1967 - Severen, Maryland) begon in 1991 toen ze de eerste vrouwelijke artiest werd die door Reid en Babyface gecontracteerd werd bij LaFace Records. Haar debuutalbum Toni Braxton werd acht keer platinum. Ze kreeg drie Grammy Awards voor Best New Artist en Best Female R&B Vocal Performance (Another Sad Love Song en Breathe Again).

Voor haar tweede album ‘ Secrets’(1996) kreeg ze als tweede vrouw in de Grammy-geschiedenis (naast Dionne Warwick) twee Grammys voor Best Female Pop Vocal (Unbreak My Heart) en Best Female r&b Vocal (You’re Makin Me High). ‘Secrets’ werd ook acht maal platinum.
Na een pauze van vier jaar kwam ze in 2000 terug met ‘ The Heat’. Tijdens de American Music Awards kreeg ze hier drie awards voor en zes weken later een Grammy.
Hierna ging ze er weer tweeënhalf jaar tussenuit, ze trouwde en werd moeder voor de eerste keer.
Haar vijfde album ‘ More Than A Woman’, deels geproduceerd door Neptunes is uit.

Toni heeft ook de stap gezet naar Broadway en speelt in ‘Aida’.
Inmiddels is haar album ‘Ultimate Toni Braxton’ ook uit, met achttien van haar beste singles sinds 1992.

Toni Braxton - Ultimate Toni Braxton
1- "Give u my heart" (with Babyface)
2- "Love shoulda brought you home"
3- "Another sad love song"
4- "Breath again"
5- "Seven whole days" (live)
6- "You mean the world to me"
7- "How many ways"
8- "You're making me high"
9- "Let it flow"
10-"Un-break my heart"
11-"I love me some him"
12-"I don't want to"
13-"He wasn't man enough"
14-"Just be a man about it"
15-"Hit the freeway" (with Loon)
16-"Whatchu need" (new song)
17-"The little things" (new song)
18-"Un-break my heart" (remixed version)

Tony Braxton - Un-Break My Heart, The Remix Collection

Toni Braxton - Toni Braxton (1993)
01 Another Sad Love Song.mp3
02 Breathe Again.mp3
03 Seven Whole Days.mp3
04 Love Affair.mp3
05 Candlelight.mp3
06 Spending My Time With You.mp3
07 Love Shoulda Brought You Home.mp3
08 I Belong to You.mp3
09 How Many Ways.mp3
10 You Mean the World to Me.mp3
11 Best Friend.mp3
12 Breathe Again (Reprise).mp3

Toni Braxton - Secrets (1996)
01 Come on over Here
02 You're Makin' Me High
03 There's No Me Without You
04 Un-Break My Heart
05 Talking in His Sleep
06 How Could an Angel Break My Heart
07 Find Me a Man
08 Let It Flow
09 Why Should I Care
10 I Don't Want To
11 I Love Me Some Him
12 In the Late of Night
13 You're Makin' Me High (Tempo Mix).mp3
14 Un-Break My Heart (Classic Radio Mix).mp3
15 I Don't Want To (Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit).mp3
of h**p://itt.salsabelfast.co.uk/gallery/members/stephpix/My%20Own%20Music/My%20Music/Borrowed%20stuff/Toni%20Braxton/Secrets/

Toni Braxton - The heat (1999)
1 He Wasn't Man Enough (4:21)
2 Heat (3:30)
3 Spanish Guitar (4:49)
4 Just Be a Man About It (4:48)
5 Gimme Some (4:03)
6 I'm Still Breathing (4:15)
7 Fairy Tale (4:22)
8 Art of Love (3:47)
9 Speaking in Tongues (3:46)
10 Maybe (3:08)
11 You've Been Wrong (3:45)
12 Never Just for a Ring

Toni Braxton - Snowflakes [2001]
01 - Holiday Celebrate.mp3
02 - Christmas In Jamaica feat. Shaggy.mp3
03 - Snowflakes Of Love.mp3
04 - Christmas Time Is Here.mp3
05 - Santa Please.mp3
06 - Pretty Please.mp3
07 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp3
08 - This Time Next Year.mp3
09 - The Christmas Song.mp3
10 - Bonus Track.mp3
11 - Bonus Track.mp3

Toni Braxton - More Than A Woman (2002)
01 - Let me show you the way (out).mp3
02 - Give it Back Ft the Big Tymers.mp3
02 - Toni Braxton featuring Big Tymers Give it back.mp3
03 - A better man.mp3
04 - Hit The Freeway (Toni Braxton feat. Loon & Phar).mp3
04 - Toni Braxton featuring Loon Hit the freeway.mp3
06 - Rock me, roll me.mp3
07 - Selfish.mp3
08 - Do you remember when.mp3
09 - Me and My Boyfriend (Toni Braxton Ft Makaveli).mp3
10 - tell me.mp3
11 - And I love you.mp3
12 - Always.mp3

Toni Braxton - Libra (2005)
1. Please
2. Trippin' (That's the Way Love Works)
3. What's Good
4. Take This Ring
5. Midnite
6. I Wanna Be (Your Baby)
7. Sposed to Be
8. Stupid
9. Finally
10. Shadowless
11. Suddenly
12. Long Way Home

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