03 augustus 2010

The Bulgarian Compilation

Dear visitors,

by the time this blog entry gets released I'll be on a plane to Bulgaria. So there won't be that many changes on this blog. I'll be off for a couple of weeks. Though at this point I can't predict for how long... So do drop in once in a while, because there might be updates or roundups. You never know...
In the meantime you can check out this odd comp...

About a month ago I didn't even know Bulgarian music existed.
Of course that's not entirely true. I knew who Le Mystere de Voix Bulgares were, and I could sing along with the smooth jazz song "Lorraine" by Kaffe. But in the past weeks I got to like the percussionist Elitsa Todorova and the house/electro project Deep Zone.
And there is so much more to discover: superstar Lili Ivanova, the pop group Tomika, the actor and viola player Slavi Trifonov, and the actress, singer, poetess and composer Nona Yotova. Amongst others...

If you want to know more about Bulgarian music, go to the Wikipedia page Music of Bulgaria

Enjoy the music. And do have a nice holiday yourself...

V.A. - The Bulgarian Compilation (A BoBW Compilation)
01. Kaval Sviri - Le Mystere de Voix Bulgares / 2:11
02. Neka da e liato - Tonika / 2:39
03. Sinyo bezvremie - Nona Yotova / 3:31
04. Kamino - Lili Ivanova / 5:10
05. Starata Liubov - Vasil Naidenov 3:28
06. Lorraine - Kaffe 3:05
07. Day After Day - Poduene Blues Band 4:13
08. Let me cry - Marianne Popova 2:54
09. Edna Bulgarska Roza - Kanaleto 4:45
10. Ti Ujasno Zakusnq - Georgi Stanchev 5:41
11. Lale Li Si Ziombul Li Si - Nina Nikolina 4:50
12. Iskam te - Grafa 4:08
13. Shiroko Zatvoreni Ochi - Slavi Trifonov & Ky-Ky band 4:51
14. Water - Elitsa Todorova & Stoya Yankulov 3:06
15. Illusion - Krassimir Avramov 2:55
16. DJ take me away - Deep Zone & Balthazar 3:03

...and don't let anything keep you from commenting. Your comments will be appreciated.

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    At donderdag, 05 augustus, 2010, Blogger carolino said...

    Me pasa igual, que aparte del Misterio de las voces búlgaras, esa música es desconocida y ahora, con tu post, tendré la magnífica oportunidad de conocer algo de ella.
    Gracias por compartirlo y que pases unos muy felices días de descanso. Te los mereces. Saludos


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