25 juli 2010

*** Updates ***

These posts have been updated!
(either I checked, refreshed or added links)

Spyro Gyra 2 albums
Markus Miller 4 albums
Billy Joel 15 albums
Ry Cooder 2 albums
David Sylvian 2 albums

Donna Summer
Hall & Oates
Sphongle 4 albums

John Coltrane 7 albums
Laurent Garnier 3 albums
Chromeo 2 albums
The Fratellis

The very Best of Jazz Funk

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    At maandag, 26 juli, 2010, Anonymous Anoniem said...

    Thank you very much for all your work!

    At dinsdag, 27 juli, 2010, Blogger TMI said...

    Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    At dinsdag, 27 juli, 2010, Anonymous Anoniem said...

    you should pack all the songs up in a rar file that would make a single file for each cd and lots easier to download and up load but you do a great job with the collection of songs you have...


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