21 maart 2010

*** Updates ***

These posts have been updated!
(either I added links or refreshed them)

Prefab Sprout
The The 4 albums
Duran Duran 15 albums
George Michael 13 albums
David Sylvian

Luiz Bonfa 2 albums
George Benson 2 albums
Stevie Wonder 5 albums
Otis Redding
Ahmad Jahmal 5 albums

Nina Simone 2 albums
Richard Cheese
Ray Lamontagne
Joe Jackson 5 albums
Orchestra Baobab

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    At maandag, 22 maart, 2010, Anonymous bdot said...

    hi there!

    i have been visiting your blog for YEARS, and even though i never comment, i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate the work that you do here!

    thanks for all of the work you put into this place!!


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