02 augustus 2009

Des vacances en France, The French Holiday Compilation

I've been on holiday in France for a couple of times, and always there are songs that keep lingering in the back of my head. They bring back memories every time i hear them. I would like to share them with you. Tell me what they do to you.

On this comp I've been cheating a bit. The Honeymoon Killers are not French (they're Belgian) but they sing a song about the main highway to the south of France. The song "Route nationale 7" is written though by the French chansonnier Charles Trenet.
And Fay Lovsky is Dutch but she sings the funniest French I've ever heard in "Appellation Controlée", a song about getting drunk on cheap wine on the banks of the Parisian river Seine.

You can not get more French than the theme song from the movie "Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot" by Jacques Tati, and do listen to France Gall, Michel Jonasz and Muriel Dacq (oui, je sais bien qu'elle aussi vient de la Belgique).

Enjoy the music, and have un bon weekend...

V.A. - Des vacances en France (The French Holiday Compilation)
01. Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot: Thème Musical - Alain Romans / 1:38
02. Route nationale 7 - The Honeymoon Killers / 3:12
03. Appellation Controlée - Fay Lovsky / 1:49
04. Jazz à Gogo - France Gall / 2:25
05. Le Cinema - Isabelle Antena / 4:11
06. Comme un géant - Alain Chamfort / 4:12
07. Belle-île-en-mer (Marie-Galante) - Laurent Voulzy / 3:32
08. La Groupie du pianiste - Michel Berger / 4:38
09. La boite de jazz - Michel Jonasz / 2:57
10. Chet Baker - Vanessa Paradis / 3:01
11. Nougayork - Claude Nougaro / 3:35
12. Epaule tatoo - Etienne Daho / 4:26
13. Cargo - Axel Bauer / 4:49
14. Tropiques - Muriel Dacq / 3:31
15. Les sunlights des tropiques - Gilbert Montagner / 3:57
16. Venise - Julien Clerc / 2:58

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